Need help placing an order? Need to know which length you should select when buying a coiled cable? This always updating FAQ should answer those questions and more. 


How are coils measured?

-Simple. Say you want a 3 foot long cable with a 6 inch coil. After the cable is made, the tip to tip measurement will be approximately 3 feet. So keep this in mind when ordering long cables. 


When will my cable be ready?

-Typical turnaround time is about 10 days from date of order. Sometimes there could be a delay for one reason or another, but you will be notified if something like that happens. If things are too busy, I will let everyone know prior to ordering. 


When are keycap themed cables coming?

-The Godspeed cable is available now. Other popular sets like Carbon will be available soon. In the mean time, feel free to reach out and I will recommend a color combination that will best fit your keycaps. 


Will detachable cable ends be available separately?

-Eventually, yes.


Any other questions you may have regarding ordering or something more detailed, feel free to reach out at woodcables2018@gmail.com