Shark Case and Switch Plate Group Buy

Now that the Shark PCB group buy has concluded (you can still snag one HERE),  we thought there was no better time than to get the premium case and plate off the ground. We tried this in the past, but the group buy failed, most likely due to not having a proven product in the hands of consumers.

Case (MOQ of 100) - $50

-Black - 50 pieces.

-Gray - 25 pieces.

-White - 25 pieces.


Plates (MOQ of 100) - $15

-Black - 50 pieces.

-Cyan - 25 pieces.

-Pink - 25 pieces.

How The GB Will Work:

This will be a change from the first attempt, and we think it will make things easier. Since the MOQ for the cases and plates are both 100, these two items will be sold in a package. Items purchased separately will be voided and refunded. If after the GB, extras remain, we will offer to sell them individually.


Just choose the color option for both. Hardware and rubber feet included. USPS First Class shipping cost (based on one Case Kit) will be $5 domestic, $11 Canada, and $15 to the rest of the world.

Shark Aluminum Case

Switch Plate - Short Case & Basic Kit